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United States Space Force 1980
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'Even in space, these colors don't run!' Set at the start of the decade that was the eighties. That was the decade of the fall of the Berlin Wall and the beginning of the end of the Cold War. In the era of President Reagan, of Yuppies on Wall Street, of Shoulder Pads and the Rubik's Cube. Of Michael Jackson's Moonwalk, Miami Vice and MTV. United States Space Force 1980 follows the high adventures of an elite team of U.S military space warriors. As now with a female investigative reporter hot on their trail, out for the story of the century. While a series of mysterious alien attacks are ongoing and more plans of villainy are imminent. Thus, this story follows a squad of heroes out to save the day for America, for Earth and the very Galaxy itself. They will fight on to the end; they will fight on forever, they will fight on... Till all stand free!

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