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Best of Hollywood: 2 Movie Coll. 18 8 Blickwink...
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Als im spanischen Salamanca ein Attentat auf den US-Präsidenten verübt wird und auf einem belebten Platz eine Bombe explodiert, bricht Chaos aus. 8 BLICKWINKEL verfolgt die Ereignisse aus der Perspektive von acht beteiligten Personen und setzt in Rückblenden wie ein Puzzle den Terrorakt zusammen. Atemloser Action-Thrill mit Hollywood Starriege, darunter Dennis Quaid, Matthew Fox, Forest Whitaker und Sigourney Weaver. * Ein junges Paar - sie schwarz, er weiß - zieht ins vermeintliche Vorort-Idyll der noblen Wohnsiedlung LAKEVIEW TERRACE. Anfangs schein ihr neuer Nachbar, ein taffer Cop, freundlich und Hilfsbereit. Doch schon bald terrorisiert er die netten, unschuldigen Yuppies. Atmosphärisch dichter Thriller um Wut und Rassismus.

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Shut Up & Sing: How Elites from Hollywood, Poli...
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Meet the elites. They think you're stupid. They think all freedom-loving Americans are stupid. They think patriotism is stupid. They think churchgoing is stupid. They think flag-flying is stupid. They despise families with more than two children. They are sure that where we live - anywhere but near or in a few major cities - is an insipid cultural wasteland. They think your SUV is evil - although theirs is absolutely necessary. They think owning a gun is criminal. They think George Bush is an idiot. They even think it's wrong for us to do what we have to do to protect our nation and our loved ones. Worst of all, they think our abiding belief in the goodness of America and its founding principles is naïve and misguided. But in this refreshing and blisteringly insightful look at the elites, Laura Ingraham reveals that it is they, not us, who are pickled in prejudice, morally blind, and outrageously hypocritical. In a word, it is they who are stupid. Ingraham exposes the outrageous howlers and muddled thinking peddled by a rogue's gallery of Hollywood celebs, media yuppies, trial lawyers, multiculturalists, God-haters, and race-relations bullies who are exalted as heroes by the elite. Ingraham unmasks the shallowness of elite thinking everywhere it is found: in politics, the media, the ivory tower, arts and entertainment, and even business and international organizations. Nor does she restrict her skewering of the elite only to its natural home, the Democratic Party - she ably zeroes in on elite enclaves within the GOP as well. 1. Language: English. Narrator: Erin Novotny. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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